India is a land of fabulous architecture, marvelous handicrafts, artisans & their rich art, nationwide spread unique clothing styles & designs, stunning jewelry designs, delicious spices, more than 1000 varieties of rice & pulses & many more to describe. A country with one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Though all these are still an integral part of India, the invasion of centuries has diluted this a lot. Now is the time to regain it by promoting the art, craft, hand made products of India. While we promote this, our customers may have some questions in mind such as, are we still on the trend while following the traditional things? Will it be cost-effective? Is it going to be fashionable?

To answer these questions, we present IndoVill. We have a strong believe that original, organic & authentic products never go out of style. Therefore, it will always be trendy. To provide it in a very cost-effective manner, we directly get our supplies from the artists & handicraft manufacturers. The major part of our value which you pay goes towards the artisans.

Indian artisans have a glorious history. The footprint of their work is still available in the form of their artworks. In our generation, artisans need support to keep the art alive & breathing. In today's digital age, we support the artisans to showcase their work culture through our platform. The major part of the price goes to the artisans. There are huge verities of hand made products made by the artisans spread across this land.

Indian clothing & traditionally used fibers were well known since very ancient times. Indian textiles had not only covered the local & national market, but it also impacted created space in hearts of the international traders. Though the use of Indian fibers & cultural styling decayed during the colonial regime. Yet, the crafts men & the demand of Indian clothing in few people’s lifestyle kept it alive. Today, it needs a boost to keep it sustainable. Indian clothing has innumerable benefits, because of the use of natural fibers. The artistic work on the clothes by the hands of a crafts man is amazing. It feels light. The market of bacteria-free clothes started now in the west. But Indian crafts men & textile engineers knew this since time immemorial.

Original rice without polishing, the raw one after taking out the bran. The smell, taste & touch of this cooked rice can make you feel energetic & grounded at the same time. The practice of having unpolished rice is best for your health. Moreover, it extends direct help to the farmers.

In the world of globalization, we would like to focus on the small-scale handicraft manufacturer & farmers who struggles to get a right market & exposer. Therefore,

Our philosophy - Enrich local, Adopt local

IndoVill - Local for Global