Nile Ninmah Necklace

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Country of Origin: India
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Experience timeless charm with the Nile Ninmah statement necklace!

This captivating piece is

  • Hand-embroidered with unique cut brass flakes and
  • Polyester zari metallic thread for a dazzling, yet comfortable look.
  • Nickel free for sensitive skin,
  • Effortlessly fits for modern & traditional outfits.

Enjoy the timeless allure of the Nile Ninmah statement necklace! Adorn yourself in a classic piece with a modern twist. Every detail of the Nile Ninmah Statement Necklace is thoughtfully crafted to provide elegant shine and lasting comfort. Enjoy a sparkle that will never go out of style and never have to worry about nickel irritation - it's the timeless statement piece you've been waiting for.

Be sure to take a closer look - each piece of the Nile Collection is handmade, meaning every item is unique. A slight variation in color or pattern can only add to the beauty and character of the style.


Care Instruction


  • Avoid wearing jewellery in the pool or at the spa.
  • Try not to apply lotion or perfume when wearing jewellery.
  • Dry your hands before handling or putting on any of your collection's designer jewels.
  • When you remove a jewel, completely cleanse it with a gentle, clean cloth.
  • Keep your metal jewels away from water and moisture. If you are not wearing it for an extended period of time, the best method to maintain it in an airtight box.
  • Keep your jewels in a jewellery box or another safe place.
  • You may also keep your accessories in a silk or velvet pocket and place each pocket in a container.
  • Try to keep jewels in a ziplock pouch.
  • For cleaning of the dhokra product use the following method :-
    Take some fresh lemon juice.
    Apply it on the metal part of the jewellery using a brush.
    Leave it for 5 mins.
    Wipe it gently using a cloth.
    Leave it to dry it completely.
    Keep it in a cotton or silk pouch.

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