Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of an Indovill Artisan

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of an Indovill Artisan

Dhokra jewelry is a centuries-old tradition that is still practiced today by artisans in small villages in India. The intricate designs and delicate craftsmanship of dhokra jewelry are truly stunning.

In this blog post, we'll take you behind the scenes to see how Indovill artisans create their beautiful and ethically made pieces.

What is dhokra jewelry and how is it made?

Dhokra jewelry is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Dhokra tribe. It combines ancient traditions with contemporary craftsmanship to create stunning pieces that make a statement. The jewelry is handmade using a unique metal casting technique, where molten metal is poured into a clay mold. This method ensures that each piece is one-of-a-kind and carries the essence of the artisan's skill and creativity.

Dhokra jewelry is made using a lost-wax casting method. First, the artisan creates a clay model of the desired piece of jewelry. Then, a wax replica of the clay model is made. The wax replica is then placed in a mold and heated until the wax melts and drips out. The mold is then filled with molten metal, which takes the shape of the wax replica. Once the metal cools, the mold is broken open and the finished piece of jewelry is revealed. 

How Indovill artisans are bringing these ancient traditions into modern times with beautiful ethnic design pieces

Indovill artisans are carrying on the ancient tradition of dhokra jewelry making, but they are also adding their own unique twist.Through their intricate ethnic design pieces, they bridge the gap between the past and the present. They use a variety of materials, including brass, copper, beads, and figurines, to create stunningly beautiful pieces of jewelry. Their designs are inspired by traditional tribal motifs, but they also have a modern flair. The artisans skillfully adapt traditional motifs and techniques to create jewelry that resonates with contemporary aesthetics. This harmonious blend of tradition and modernity sets Indovill's pieces apart.

The Process

The dhokra jewelry being handmade by artisans from their small villages is a sight to behold. With their skilled hands and deep-rooted knowledge, they transform raw materials into exquisite pieces of art. The process involves an array of tools carefully chosen to bring out the best in every creation. The artisans use a variety of tools, including hammers, chisels, and files, to create the intricate designs. They take incredible attention to detail, and each piece is a work of art. 

From shaping the clay mold to pouring molten metal and creating intricate patterns, they leave no room for error. Attention to detail is paramount, as even the smallest elements such as brass bells, small beads, handmade figurines, and tribal-style embellishments play a crucial role in the final design. Each element contributes to the overall aesthetic and uniqueness of the piece.

Crafting process to produce the small bead dhokra anklet

Let's focus on the creation of a small bead Dhokra anklet, one of Indovill's signature pieces. The crafting process to produce the small bead dhokra anklet begins with the selection of the beads. The artisans carefully choose beads that are the correct size, shape, and color. Once the beads are selected, they are cleaned and prepared.

Next, the artisans begin to add the details and decorations to the anklet. They use a variety of techniques, including carving, etching, and painting. The finished anklet is a stunning piece of jewelry that is sure to turn heads.  Once the piece is complete, the artisans take great care in packaging and delivering it to its final destination. Each anklet is lovingly wrapped, ready to embark on its journey to adorn someone's ankle with its beauty and grace.

Ethically Made Pieces

Indovill works with its artisans to ensure fair and ethical practices.  The company ensures that the artisans receive living wages, enabling them to support themselves and their families. Indovill also supports the artisan communities by providing them with training and resources. Beyond the individual artisans, Indovill extends its support to the larger artisan communities. By engaging in ethical practices, the company makes a positive difference in the lives of those involved in the creation of these remarkable pieces.


Indovill artisans are creating beautiful and ethically made pieces of dhokra jewelry. Each piece is a story, and each story is special. When you buy a piece of Indovill jewelry, you are not just buying a piece of jewelry, you are also supporting a centuries-old tradition and the artisans who create it. Next time you wear a Dhokra anklet or any piece of Dhokra jewelry, remember the behind-the-scenes journey, the intricate craftsmanship, and the stories of the artisans who pour their hearts into creating these beautiful ethically made pieces.

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